Release Notes

2.0.21 February 17, 2021

Fixed When clicking on a selected text, the selection was not reversed.

Fixed Moving the cursor with the arrow keys caused problems when deleting characters.

2.0.20 February 15, 2021

Improved Improved performance when editing large documents.

Fixed It was not possible to format using keyboard shortcuts if no text was selected.

Fixed When selecting a paragraph by triple-clicking, a final line break was selected as well.

2.0.19 February 9, 2021

Added Possibility of choosing the languages to be used by the spell checker (Windows and Linux).

Fixed Text that was copied without formatting did not contain line breaks.

2.0.18 February 4, 2021

Fixed In Windows, an error occurred when opening a document with the "Open with" option of the system.

2.0.16 January 31, 2021

Added Exit full screen by pressing the ESC key.

Fixed Problems when selecting a word, deleting it and undoing the action.

2.0.14 January 29, 2021

Improved Redesign of the visual look and feel.

2.0.13 January 25, 2021

Added ‘Add to dictionary’ and spelling suggestions options are added to the context menu.

Added The delete option is added to the context menu.