Release Notes

2.0.26April 22, 2021

Added New keyboard shortcuts for headers and links.

Added When you hold down the Ctrl or ⌘ key for more than one second, the application displays the available formatting keyboard shortcuts.

Added It is possible to open the main menu by clicking directly on the left side of the window.

Improved Automatic image resizing.

Fixed Undo/redo malfunction with links, checkboxes and underline.

Fixed When multiple single line breaks were entered in the same paragraph the automatic scroll adjustment did not work correctly.

Fixed When copying text, if the text contained asterisks these asterisks were not copied.

Fixed The print cancellation sometimes caused the application to stop working properly.

2.0.25April 12, 2021

Added Option to choose the default format and save folder.

Added Option to enable/disable italicize and bold text with asterisks.

Fixed When copying content in chrome and pasting it into calmly writer, some blank spaces were not pasted.

2.0.24March 28, 2021

Fixed Text could not be selected by pressing the shift key, scrolling and then clicking with the mouse.

Fixed Some changes in the previous update did not work correctly on Mac and Linux.

2.0.23March 25, 2021

Added Option to choose the color of the text.

Added Option to choose the type of quotation marks.

Added Option to count spaces in the character count.

Improved Performance editing and scrolling in large documents.

Fixed When trying to insert the same image (file) more than once, it only worked the first time.

Fixed Minor bugs related to the scroll bar visibility.

Fixed When copying text from Microsoft Word and pasting it into Calmly Writer, duplicate line breaks appeared.

Fixed Minor bugs in the update of the word counter.

Fixed Sometimes lists were not created when typing 1. or *

2.0.22 March 7, 2021

Added New option to set the text width to 100%.

Improved Resolution of application icons in Windows.

Fixed Right-clicking on a selected text removed the selection.

Fixed When exported to docx, if the document was opened using Google Docs, the bold and italics did not display.

Fixed If a document contained linked (not embedded) images, when exporting to docx those images were gone.

2.0.21 February 17, 2021

Fixed When clicking on a selected text, the selection was not reversed.

Fixed Moving the cursor with the arrow keys caused problems when deleting characters.

2.0.20 February 15, 2021

Improved Improved performance when editing large documents.

Fixed It was not possible to format using keyboard shortcuts if no text was selected.

Fixed When selecting a paragraph by triple-clicking, a final line break was selected as well.

2.0.19 February 9, 2021

Added Possibility of choosing the languages to be used by the spell checker (Windows and Linux).

Fixed Text that was copied without formatting did not contain line breaks.

2.0.18 February 4, 2021

Fixed In Windows, an error occurred when opening a document with the "Open with" option of the system.

2.0.16 January 31, 2021

Added Exit full screen by pressing the ESC key.

Fixed Problems when selecting a word, deleting it and undoing the action.

2.0.14 January 29, 2021

Improved Redesign of the visual look and feel.

2.0.13 January 25, 2021

Added ‘Add to dictionary’ and spelling suggestions options are added to the context menu.

Added The delete option is added to the context menu.